Honest, open and direct communication with everything you need to know and do to get a business started. Humble, girl-next-door style businesses that stem from passion, belief and a desire to take control of your career and life.

No more BS, no more waffle with claims to fulfill all your dreams and promise you the life you always wanted only to leave you short on the real details of how that all happens. Warts and all.

Start Lab was conceived (yes, we used that word) from the frustration of years and years of turning over rocks to find a straight-up answer to what can sometimes just be a simple yes or no.

Start Lab offers a variety of services with one end goal........
to get you online, to get you understanding your business and to equip you with the ability to manage it and control your decisions yourself.

Get in contact today for an open chat about your business ideas without feeling like you need to hold your cards so close to your chest.


As the story often goes, Start Lab was started off the back of countless conversations and insights being traded.
There was no real intention, there was no real purpose.

It was the typical realisation between two women that the business model we were creating was already well in practice. So many instances of already helping friends or friends of friends start their business and share in the insights that we'd uncovered. Before we knew it the demand outweighed the available time and a business offering was necessary.

So......... Now we have Start Lab.
A laboratory of all things women, passion, desire, dreams and as a result, functioning businesses.

If it's just a simple information-based website, a logo, a concept, a full-scale business plan or just as importantly, an ear to bounce an idea off. Start Lab is open and ready.

We offer consulting, coaching, planning and our incredible (bias, yes) online course.
We offer an open door and an honest approach and a community of like-minded individuals and a blunt approach to feedback.

It all starts now!


Lisa Romeo

Meet Lisa.

Founder/Operator of one of Australia's largest specialist Gifting companies. 

Explore Ellar Boutique

Claire Mukhi

And Claire. 

Founder/Operator Snap Pack Love bringing back tangible print and making moments matter. 

See Snap Pack Love


Well, we are two women who have been there, done that, made mistakes, rummaged through every possible course, webinar, youtube clip possible to stumble our way through building not one, not two but several successful online businesses from scratch.

Between the two of us we have three kids, two husbands, two pet pooches and one same passion. Helping women build their empires. Not a week goes by without one ringing the other to share their excitement of the new bunch of women we want to help in business.

If you really must know, we were direct competitors for years (in the same industry)
If that isn't close enough, we lived and ran our businesses 3km apart!

We recognised each other's strengths and rather than copying, stealing and lying to one another we embraced our passions for business and joined forces to create one of the best collations of knowledge on the market.

Enough already, just sign me up.

Are we amazing?

Well, we think so but honestly, we're no different to you. We were where you are now and we took the plunge. We're mums, we're time poor, we're desperate to continue learning and we know what it's like to just want hard, honest answers to things. No more fluff, just give it to me straight.

So, at Start Lab we insist on being exactly that.

Guided, easy to execute, tried and tested methods to create, build and grow a successful online business.

Can we do it all ourselves? Well, we sure have in the past however to deliver the best outcomes possible we have partnered with key people in the Start-Up industry to provide absolute clarity using expert knowledge.

If you feel you could be a perfect partner to join us at Start Lab please do get in contact.