Let’s talk about websites

Day after day we see social groups and forums asking questions about websites.

  • How do I create a website?
  • Which platform should I build a website on?
  • How much should a website cost?
  • Why is my website not generating sales?
  • Is a website really necessary?

Let’s chat.


Firstly, surely, we all agree that owning a business today means owning and operating a website. No ifs, no buts. Your customer base expects nothing less. Your ability to reach your audience needs nothing less. Your brand wants nothing less.

So, let’s get it right.


Here’s the top 5 things you can do SO WRONG when creating your website.


  1. Paying someone else to code you out of your own asset. It’s completely normal in the early stages to lack the confidence to build your own website. It’s common for people to outsource this task and by all means, if this is you, go for it. HOWEVER, be very careful that your web developer, designer, next door neighbour, whoever it is,...
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How to write your personal bio without sounding like a wanker

If you’re anything like us (a whole lotta fun after a couple of wines ), taking time out to write about how amazing you are is like heading off for root canal. Thing is, like it or not, it’s something everyone needs to nail when running their own business.

So, how do you big yourself up without sounding like a total wanker? And really, why do you need a personal bio after all? Aren’t people just wanting to know about your product or service?

Nope, in the day and age where reality tv is as common as the news, you need to be ready to spill. People want to know ‘the ins and outs of a ducks arsehole’ as my late father used to so perfectly put it. Why? Well, because it makes you real, it makes you relatable and importantly it builds trust (or not in the case of many of the bachelor contestants). 

Here are the key things to consider when getting your bio down on paper:

  • Who will be reading the bio?
  • What do they really need to know?
  • What do they really ...
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I just bought a jumper

I just bought a jumper, so what? I just bought a jumper.

I bought a jumper that I didn't really need but, the jumper needed me.

You see, things have changed.
The past 6 months have had more impact than I could have ever imagined on my simple little mind.

Late last year I was invited to follow an Instagram account that a dear friend had started.
I was probably within the first hundred followers to join.
What happened next was the start of my change. Two months later and that same Instagram account had blown way beyond the hundreds of thousands of followers and it was all through the media.

The Buy From The Bush Campaign is so well recognised now for good reason. When the same said dear friend approached me to help get this campaign on to an online platform, I of course jumped. The following weeks were taken up by hours and hours of building and formatting details for hundreds of regional-based small businesses just like my own. Beautiful, humble and inspiring businesses with so much to...

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Top 5 reasons stopping you from starting a business

How do we know what they are?

Well, because 9 times out of 10 it's the top 5 reasons for everyone that's holding on to the dream of creating and operating their own business but hasn't yet taken the plunge. 

You may not be hindered by all of them but even if it's just one, it's worth shaking. 

Let us help you eliminate those 5 reasons and get you on track to launching a highly successful online business.

Plug yourself in and go for a walk, fold the washing, whatever you do have a listen to our thoughts and opinions of how to move forward and rule out any excuses. 

Listen to the audio here.

We'd love to hear from you so please, get in contact at [email protected]

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Prioritising my cash when funding my own Startup

Starting an online business has never been more achievable. With a range of online platforms to build your website, user-friendly design tools to create a brand and social media marketing now accessible to almost everyone, it's never been easier taking a product or service to market.

But........with such ease comes volume. For what was once a small pond of players is now like boarding a train in Mumbai peak hour. Business Startups - EVERYWHERE.
These days, you are forever hearing how you can start a business on a shoe-string budget and whilst that's true to a certain extent, there's no point doing so unless you get it right. Shoe-string or not, it's a complete waste of time and money if you don't prioritise your spending but just as importantly, if you don't value your time. Ever watched a Youtube clip of people boarding these trains in Mumbai? It's is nothing short of incredible. It all comes down to one thing.........timing.

So, let's not forget to value our own time,...

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Why keeping hush on your idea isn't always helpful

When it comes to starting a business, so many people believe they need to keep their cards so close to their chest and not tell anyone their ideas.
If they verbalise it, not only will everyone around them copy their genius but by saying it out loud, it will become real.

Real is scary right? Real opens you up for criticism, for judgment or for the mandatory eye roll you get from your mother (regardless of your age) when you tell her you want to quit the 'secure 9-5' and start something for yourself.

Truth is, all feedback helps. Good, bad, indifferent. It not only validates the business idea but it opens up opportunities for developing the idea further.

We are not suggesting you hand out flyers to anyone in your path housing your business plan but by sharing and asking for feedback you will also find yourself processing just how much you believe in the idea. It will help you to decide whether it really is right for you.

If the idea hasn't quite come to you yet but you...

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What's in a name?

You've settled on your idea and it's a CRACKER...
Excitement trumps fear and you've canvassed your friends and family who all agree it's something you should give a crack.

The checklist to follow is long, it's mildly daunting but you've got this. Now, what to call your new business?????? Well believe it or not there are a few things to consider.
You taken?

First and more obviously, is the name already taken? Google is an easy one for that but we also recommend doing a quick search through ASIC as if someone else has already registered it as a business name you could land yourself in some future trouble. Don't forget people also register domain names regardless of whether they use them immediately or not. A quick search on the likes of Netregistry or other domain hosts will help with this too.

Say what?

Whilst fancy, creative names can work it's important it's something people can pronounce. Just as importantly, when using different languages mixed together it's...
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