Let’s talk about websites

Day after day we see social groups and forums asking questions about websites.

  • How do I create a website?
  • Which platform should I build a website on?
  • How much should a website cost?
  • Why is my website not generating sales?
  • Is a website really necessary?

Let’s chat.


Firstly, surely, we all agree that owning a business today means owning and operating a website. No ifs, no buts. Your customer base expects nothing less. Your ability to reach your audience needs nothing less. Your brand wants nothing less.

So, let’s get it right.


Here’s the top 5 things you can do SO WRONG when creating your website.


  1. Paying someone else to code you out of your own asset. It’s completely normal in the early stages to lack the confidence to build your own website. It’s common for people to outsource this task and by all means, if this is you, go for it. HOWEVER, be very careful that your web developer, designer, next door neighbour, whoever it is, doesn’t make the build so complex that you are unable to manage the site yourself on day-to-day basis. Be specific in your brief that you need to be able to access the platform and make changes without needing to know how to code. With the platforms on offer these days that should be a given. Equally, make sure you chose the right platform to use. Don’t build an ecommerce website where shopping carts are essential on something that doesn’t support that.
  2. Trying to be something you’re not. Your website is the gateway for people to see your brand, to hear your tone and to engage with your product or service. Be sure to display this through your site. At times people edge towards being too formal or information based with their website. Be transparent about what your business is about and who owns the face behind the business. People want genuine connection these days.
  3. Click, click, click, no progress. Do your research on User Experience (UX). Whilst we talk about how people need genuine things, that doesn’t stop them from being as judgie as all get out. The average user will bounce off your website within a matter of SECONDS if they aren’t seeing what they need to. Refer to our website health check list for our key top tips.
  4. Missed opportunities. You don’t ask, you don’t get. ‘Call to action’ buttons are essential. Whether it’s collecting email addresses, encouraging people to get in contact or engaging with your social media accounts. Make it as CLEAR and simple for people to leave their footprint.
  5. Legally left open. A lot of people leave themselves open legally for all sorts, from returns policies to service obligations they can’t meet. These days, terms and conditions and privacy statements don’t have to cost the world but they do need to be done properly. Be sure to get yours relevant to your business activities and display them where necessary. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here. Get in contact for our amazing, partnered lawyer who won’t cost you the world.


Once your website is ready to go, get yourself familiar with your analytics tools. There’s a mountain of options out there but if you are just starting out, we’d recommend getting your head around google analytics. Get into the habit of checking in on your stats. How many are visiting, where are they coming from and what actions are making that all increase and convert?


Most importantly, enjoy the process, a website makes your idea VERY real. Good luck with it.


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