What's in a name?

You've settled on your idea and it's a CRACKER...
Excitement trumps fear and you've canvassed your friends and family who all agree it's something you should give a crack.

The checklist to follow is long, it's mildly daunting but you've got this. Now, what to call your new business?????? Well believe it or not there are a few things to consider.
You taken?

First and more obviously, is the name already taken? Google is an easy one for that but we also recommend doing a quick search through ASIC as if someone else has already registered it as a business name you could land yourself in some future trouble. Don't forget people also register domain names regardless of whether they use them immediately or not. A quick search on the likes of Netregistry or other domain hosts will help with this too.

Say what?

Whilst fancy, creative names can work it's important it's something people can pronounce. Just as importantly, when using different languages mixed together it's not a translation issue. If people can't clearly pronounce your business name they are less likely to tell people about it.

The P in Punctuation.

Old school rules, new school problems, punctuation is key. Web addresses can throw up all sorts of interesting (and sometimes suggestive) issues as your name merges together to make a URL. Let's take for example the statement - 'Let's eat, Grandma' without the punctuation we've all just become cannibals.

Room for more?

Just as quickly as your business was started, your business will evolve. As you feel your way around the market, your audience and your products may change. Make sure the name you choose doesn't pigeon hole you into one defined specialisation that hinders your ability to make these changes. Take 'Roses Only' for example, (not to point fingers at their business) it wasn't long before their customers started asking for other things and so numerous spin-off brands needed to be developed.

Love it.

Most importantly, just love it. Be proud to shout your name from the rooftops. Be inspired each and every day by what you have created.



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