Why keeping hush on your idea isn't always helpful

When it comes to starting a business, so many people believe they need to keep their cards so close to their chest and not tell anyone their ideas.
If they verbalise it, not only will everyone around them copy their genius but by saying it out loud, it will become real.

Real is scary right? Real opens you up for criticism, for judgment or for the mandatory eye roll you get from your mother (regardless of your age) when you tell her you want to quit the 'secure 9-5' and start something for yourself.

Truth is, all feedback helps. Good, bad, indifferent. It not only validates the business idea but it opens up opportunities for developing the idea further.

We are not suggesting you hand out flyers to anyone in your path housing your business plan but by sharing and asking for feedback you will also find yourself processing just how much you believe in the idea. It will help you to decide whether it really is right for you.

If the idea hasn't quite come to you yet but you know you want to start a business, ask the people close to you to name 3 strengths they see in you. Three key areas they think you excel at. This exercise can be interesting as you find a common pattern that can then narrow down the areas or industries to start building on. Perhaps there's an idea waiting for you over at Idea Lab right now!

So, go on, get your chin-wagging and throw your idea around like confetti. You'll soon realise that people really do want other people to succeed and those that don't, well, off the Christmas card list.


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