How to write your personal bio without sounding like a wanker

If you’re anything like us (a whole lotta fun after a couple of wines 💃🏼 😉), taking time out to write about how amazing you are is like heading off for root canal. Thing is, like it or not, it’s something everyone needs to nail when running their own business.

So, how do you big yourself up without sounding like a total wanker? And really, why do you need a personal bio after all? Aren’t people just wanting to know about your product or service?

Nope, in the day and age where reality tv is as common as the news, you need to be ready to spill. People want to know ‘the ins and outs of a ducks arsehole’ as my late father used to so perfectly put it. Why? Well, because it makes you real, it makes you relatable and importantly it builds trust (or not in the case of many of the bachelor contestants). 

Here are the key things to consider when getting your bio down on paper:

  • Who will be reading the bio?
  • What do they really need to know?
  • What do they really want to know? (we’ll cover the difference between 2 and 3 below)
  • What’s in it for the readers?
  • The story and how it reads
  • A call to action
  • Authenticity 

Whilst that list may seem long, it’s easy to wrap it all up in one honest, concise and engaging piece when you keep in mind one key thing – what makes you worthy of their attention. 

Once you establish who it is that’s reading, you can then identify what it is they need to know. Facts, backgrounds, what’s landed you as an expert in what they are looking to purchase be it a product or a service. They need to check off that you know what you are selling for good reason. So, highlight your experience or qualifications that justify your role as a founder.

This then throws over to what they want to know. You’ve quantified why you’re the expert and now you need to highlight what gets you up in the morning. What kind of key drivers keep you qualified for what you are doing.

Let’s try an example here. Jenny sells pre-packed high-end protein snacks.

Need to know: Jenny qualified as a food technologist and worked in product development for 10 years.

Want to know: Jenny is a mother of 3, health conscious and time poor. She wanted to develop a product that allows her to eat healthy snacks on the go between kids and life.

By then including a brief and relatable story about your path to developing your product (or service) you humanise the brand and make it more accessible to people. You open up people’s natural curiosity that in the end will lure them to wanting to know more.

Keep it authentic, keep it real and avoid sounding like a robot. Be sure to quantify and show your ability. Don’t forget statistics or numbers are one of the most persuasive vehicles of information.

Interestingly, writing your bio in the third person increases professionalism and gains the trust of the reader. To really bed down trust, get a testimonial or reference quote in there somewhere. Have someone else validate who you are too.

Most importantly, be you.

We’d love to see your bios, shoot them through or ask us any questions at [email protected]


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