Never underestimate the investment you make in yourself.

Feel like a 'business coach' is only for the high-flying entrepreneurs? 

Feel like spending money on coaching is completely lavish and unnecessary? 

Feel like you will be locked into all sorts of commitments and crazy amounts of money? 

Then we were right there with you. Investing in our product, service or business always felt like a much better way to spend our startup budget. 

Well, we were wrong. The moment we started to invest in ourselves (no matter what stage of business) was the moment the money we did spend on our business showed its return. 

To show you how we are offering a FREE 15 min consult to give you peace of mind we know our sh*t. 

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FREE 15 min Consult

Book in a free 15 minute consult and explore what we can offer. 

No obligation, no cost, simply book in a time that suits you and we will do the rest. 

In-depth 60 min exploration

If you are really ready to invest in yourself and take things to the next level then we are here. 

Our 60 min in-depth coaching call not only explores your business but you will be guaranteed to get guided, actionable steps to up your business game. 

30 min power session

Following our initial 60 min sessions we offer a 30 min power session booked in anytime, anywhere. No commitment to time periods and run however you would like. 

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Not sure where to start?
Stuck in a cycle of working IN the business and not ON your business?

Whatever your stage in business, it's imperative you invest in your planning, reviewing and action. 

Let's assess what it is that will give you the best action plan to launch your idea or scale your current business. 

Book in a session with Claire to chat through anything and everything small business and ideas. 

Claire's raw and honest approach recognises the value of your time. It's exploratory, to the point and leaves nothing off the table in terms of her secrets to running a successful small business. 

Start with a FREE 15 min consult and be sure you will be getting the value you need. 

Our 60-minute initial consult will gear you up to get the most out of our following power sessions booked anytime without any recurring commitment. 


After nearly 20 years in a well-paid corporate job, I knew I was capable. I just had no idea where to start. Claire passionately talks about not needed. to put our ambition on the shelf and it's exactly what I needed to hear. I had lost my confidence and whilst I knew I had a good idea, I needed to guidance to know where to start. 

Claire's honesty guided me to just get started. I cannot recommend her more highly. 


I've been running my business for 4 years now and reached a point that the wheels were turning but we weren't going anyway. 

Claire helped me to stop, reflect and re-evaluate things I would never have considered. We reviewed my customer base and my target audience which gave me such enormous insight into who I needed to focus talking to. I went from trying to be everything to everyone to finding the relevant people to target my marketing to. Business picked up enormously but more importantly, my processes became so much more time effeicient.