So you've hit the market, you're operating. Go you!

You may well have been doing it for a while now.

What's next? How do you take things to the next level?

Perhaps you have a project you've been waiting to commit to. 

Growth Lab tucks its dirty nose right in to the thick of it and helps you see your next steps from fresh eyes. Let us explore what it is thats working well, what needs a little tweaking and what other opportunities are staring you straight in the face when you are deep in the trenches.

What do we know? Well, we've been doing this for some time now and made more mistakes that we care to put a number on. We aren't just graduates from the school of dreams, we're doers. We're the ones that were told we couldn't so we did (insert rude finger emoji).

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Let us guess...
You are knee deep in conquering the dream of running my own business, although it feels like you are up to your neck in tasks?
Here's how we help to break down what you are doing and help prioritise to see some growth!
  • A full diagnosis of your current business
  • A detailed marketing review of what you have done so far
  • An in depth stake holder review exploring your suppliers and contracts
  • Complete one on one guided coaching through our learn lab course
  • Customer service planning and processes review
  • Review or creation of email marketing campaigns
  • Suggested exercises for database builders
  • Review and plan how to automate your processes
  • Access to exclusive group and networking


Tailored one on one coaching via Zoom.

Discover your key strengths and master your mindset with our one on one coaching. 

Whether you have been operating for years of just starting out, we can help you explore exactly what it is you are looking to achieve and provide guided steps and tasks to help you get there. 

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Our intensive 12-week program offers you a full diagnosis of your current business, a guided plan to scaling and automating your process as well as full access to our supportive community of business owners. 

Enjoy fortnightly live Q&A's as well as learn at your own pace modules covering all areas of your business. You chose the areas you would like to focus on. 

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Independant Learning

Our mini-courses are specifically created to allow you to make the most of your valuable time and drop in and out of the topics that matter most at the time. 

With ZERO fluff and productive exercises, you will be able to scale your business in no time. 

Learn at your own pace and create your own curriculum to suit your business.  

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Grace Brennan
Buy From The Bush

Claire from Start Lab has been an invaluable support to my business. I almost consider her a like a team member. She is always on hand to offer advice and really practical, hands-on support. There is no fluff with her. Just value-adding gems! Star Lab have worked on developing our website and some marketing collateral and provided general strategic support. They always turn work around with incredible speed and efficiency. It is always of high quality. I can’t recommend them highly enough to people wanting to grow or scale their business. When you engage Start Lab, it’s like you suddenly inherit a dynamic team (which is basically what dreams are made of for any Founder).

Ready to Grow?

We are here to help with more than just a new business idea.
Claire & Lisa have helped many women who are already operating their businesses who are looking to grow & evolve.

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