We help you bring that idea to life. 

We give you all the tools you need to do so successfully. 

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Do you know exactly what it is you want to do but just not sure where to start?

Launch Lab is your ultimate portal to success.
Accelerate your start up journey with our full checklist, cheat sheets and guided learnings to ensure you've got all
your ducks in a row.

Take as little or as much as you like and create your pathway to ensure you create the best start possible for your business.


Imagine having the inside knowledge to all the things that have been causing you fear and stopping you from getting started.

How nice would it be to ask someone straight out, "Hey, what is the best way to tackle XXX that is actually going to work?"
Imagine your relief when you get a straight answer to all of your questions when starting out.

We make life a whole lot easier to start. 
Here's what you can expect by joining us in the Launch Lab:

  • diagnosis of your business idea.
  • A full branding suite (with flexibility for change).
  • An online platform with your website basics (ready to build on). 
  • social media plan and which tools best suit your business. 
  • An operations/legal/accounting checklist (yawn, but it has to be done!). 
  • An email marketing tool and campaign plan.
  • Various marketing templates and guides.
  • Preparation of backend tools such as analytics and google registration.
  • Access to one-on-one coaching and mentoring from various industry experts.
  • Access to an exclusive start up community and networking group.
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Let us help you get online quickly.
Here's a secret: websites really don't have to be difficult. Gone are the days of needing to speak an entirely different language and being some kind of child genius to get yourself online. It just takes a matter of getting it set up properly from the get go. Then being taught (properly) how to manage it yourself without having to pay for every minor change. This is the stuff designers and developers don't want you to know.


Dressed for success.

Branding really is important. It's not just the face of your business but the voice behind it. Again, a lot of people fall in to the trap of expensive designers who charge like a bull for any small changes or to get you presented in the best way possible. Let us give you some guidance on how to dress your business whilst sending it to elocution lessons and gearing you up to always be remembered. 


Oh, so social.

There's no denying its impact. There's no ignoring it's necessity. For a small business owner social media is a non-negotiable.  But how do you know which platform is right for your product or service? How do you know when and how is best to engage? How do you know whether it's even working for you? Let's hold hands, we can do this together. 


It can be really boring but it's REALLY necessary.
When we started in business we figured it was all about having a great product and away we go. The reality is there is actually a fair bit you need to cover from accounting, legal and operations side before you can be a legitimate business. A checklist here really helps, we've got that. Links to correct forms really helps, we've got that. An understanding of what's relevant to your industry, we've got that.


And away we go.
You can have the most amazing product, the best possible branding and systems so perfectly in place but if no one has ever heard of you? Well, then you've got nothing. 
How best to market your business comes down to really identifying your target audience, finding your best marketing platforms and utilising your time, efforts and dollars in the best way possible.

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Not sure where to start?
Stuck in a cycle of working IN the business and not ON your business?

Whatever your stage in business, it's imperative you invest in your planning, reviewing and action. 

Let's assess what it is that will give you the best action plan to launch your idea or scale your current business. 

Book in a session with Claire to chat through anything and everything small business and ideas. 

Claire's raw and honest approach recognises the value of your time. It's exploratory, to the point and leaves nothing off the table in terms of her secrets to running a successful small business. 

Start with a FREE 15 min consult and be sure you will be getting the value you need. 

Our 60-minute initial consult will gear you up to get the most out of our following power sessions booked anytime without any recurring commitment. 


Learn Lab is the full monty (not just a little teaser)

Not only are our courses your complete guided tour to navigating your way through a successful launch, but we promise you will never be alone whilst working through it!

You can spend in excess of $20,000 completing a business degree at University that wont make you any wiser on how to launch your small (but kick-ass) start up or spend less than 20 times that by completing our tailored course, leaving you with a wealth of knowledge and skills to start.

You can outsource a website developer who will need 6 months + $5000+ to build you a website, and may charge $100+ for every change you need once launched OR you can learn how to build your site yourself and make as many changes as needed. It doesn't need to be daunting or technically overwhelming.

You could try and research everything that is needed to launch a business yourself, over the next 12 months, or you can start earning after just 2 months but start learning right now!

And at the end of our courses, your business card can be titled with whatever you damn well choose!
You are the boss, you can plan your ideal day and you can manage your time by spending it on what matters most to you.

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