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Identify exactly who it is your should be selling to and open up the doors to an increased flow of revenue. 


Swap your time for money by narrowing down how to reach your customers with less effort. 

We teach the raw and tested steps to start and run your own business and we are passionate about encouraging achievable and actionable steps to see results.  

Whether you are already operating a business or looking to start, it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone. You spread yourself too thin and you find yourself pushing, well, you know what, up a hill just to satisfy all their needs. 


This powerful little mini course will get you to stop, reflect and regain control of what problems you are solving for your customer and how you can capture that audience. We cover off:

1. Exactly who your target audience is - the demographics, psychographics and where they are hanging out online. 

2. What problems they have and how you can solve them. 

3. How to up your game and keep them engaged and spreading positive vibes about your business. 

4. Eliminate any assumptions you've made about your audience and find confidence in your offering. 

5. Stop focusing on just your product and start recognising your audience. 


With just a couple of hours investment accessed anytime and anywhere you can change your outcomes. 


ONLY $37!

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"I was so focused on trying to get new customers that I neglected to use my existing customer base to leverage more sales. By looking at my previous customers I was able to narrow down exactly who my audience was and not only double but triple my sales within 3 months!"

Kate G
Online retailer

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